Real Magic Is Mind Technology

Posted by lemur47 on 9 May 2024


If you're interested in real magic, there're things you need to know. The most important thing to know is that real magic is a science-based technique, and alchemy is also a science-based technology that humanity has long since discarded.

To perform real magic, you need to take into account many more objects and variables than most people think. Only one thing is needed: increase your information density!

Magic is a real science that doesn't ignore things that can't be handled by an oversimplified mental model like dichotomy. Real magic not only describes how consciousness interacts with mind systems, but also translates the principles into a cosmic technology known as alchemy.

Key Points

  • The definition of magic needs updating
  • Consciousness implements mind modules
  • Mind technology includes sound vibration

Definition of Real Magic

Let's start by looking at the current categories of real magic.

Yesterday a book arrived in my mailbox and the title was "Real Magic". When I read chapter 1, the author defined magic/magick with 3 categories.

I don't think the categories can be completely separated because they are all the same. The idea of MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive) is a very bad idea in terms of trying to understand how the real world works.

But these categories help you and me to communicate through this mental framework - genetic magic.

Note: Magick is archaic spell of magic and it distinguishes from entertainment. Imagine that the spiritual industry is a kind of entertainment industry, the traditional teachings and dogmas are part of religion, and those who try to understand magick and alchemy in a scientific or technological approach are very close to real science and cosmic technology.

Mental influence of physical world

There's no physical and metaphysical. Everything is made up of mind modules. Our consciousness designs, implements and maintains a vast array of mind systems. This means that you're always experiencing magic.

If you're a Hermetist, working with Hermetic alchemy or Egyptian magick, you've already heard of the principle - this universe is mental. For this principle, in other words, this specification of the platform, we're able to send and receive information energy as object instances operating in the communication platform - this virtual universe.

You might have thought that the mental realm is the higher mind, like the software layer, and the physical realm is the lower, like the hardware layer. Actually, it's easy to oversimplify and label things in a very limited way, but in my opinion, it's not all that simple.

Your physical body is always influenced by mental things as an aspect of inter-dense reality. This means that your whole body or your object instance is part of real magic. That's why you become healthier when you use Chinese alchemy known as Neidan or Chi as a mind technique.

In the same way, when you use a particular type of magic, such as sound magic, you feel the vast cosmic space both physically and mentally, because they are different aspects of the same thing. It takes your conscious mind into the space from the micro-portal of each cell. If you've had this experience, you know what I mean.

In any case, we're all benefiting from the cosmic magic, or soaking up the cosmic magic. You're always influencing someone or something in a magical way, while I'm sending mental signals to the sky.

Perception of events distant in space or time

The concept of (linear) space-time can't be applied to everything. This universe consists of countless objects that are mind modules, so you and I can perceive events that are distant in space or time. Time is a unit or scale to measure the inter-dimensional and inter-dense distance.

When you temporarily remove the concept of linear space-time from your mindset and mental models, you will see things as a vast network and countless nodes. This landscape is a default mode of the platform we're operating on, known as the virtual universe (part of the cosmic systems).

When you want to experience things more precisely or collectively, you can load and call the concept of linear space-time. It enables you to laser-focus on specific things to understand them deeply.

The module acts as a CD or record player. With this module, through your conscious mind, your individuated consciousness experiences things both actively and passively, as if you were putting the conscious needle on a vinyl universe spinning like this planet.

If you know how Python works, the concept of linear space-time works like this:

% python3 # <-- You enter a specific area/universe
>>> import datetime as time
>>> linear =
>>> print(linear)
2024-05-09 13:50:44.282487 # <-- load and use the concept

Like the datetime module, it doesn't work for you unless you call it or drop the needle on a reality you want to experience.

In summary, you can perceive events that are distant from you, because space-time is more object-oriented and everything is interconnected, so whether it's strong or weak, you already have an ability of claircognizance.

To read the book of nature as a magician or alchemist, you need to activate this ability to receive and read the inter-sensory data streams. It sometimes tells you about the near future, but it's happening now. You're already transcending (extending) linear space-time, so you're already experiencing real magic.

Interactions with non-physical entities

You can't know if an entity has a physical device while you're interacting with it. The entity may or may not have a "physical" body. The important thing is that whether it's physical or non-physical, you can communicate telepathically with other entities like me, animals and plants with movement and vibration.

Furthermore, if you're unfolding the multifaceted images while reading this article, you're communicating with me in a primal and telepathic way. It's an "alchemy of form" or "philosopher's egg", i.e. holographic communication via digital substance. It's also real magic.

Channeling is not the only way to interact with invisible entities or the object instances that are far away from you. When you cast a spell or send mental images to the platform that is this virtual universe, you're communicating with other mind modules that have been implemented by invisible, non-physical or ancient entities.

For example, when you express your gratitude to Terra or Gaia by silently sending out good vibes, our Mother Planet immediately receives the information energy from you. She sometimes sends the information energy back to us without using words. In the same way, invisible entities try to communicate with you through birds and situations. These kinds of systemic interactions are also real magic.

To put it all in one place, you're experiencing real magic every single day. Because this virtual universe is a vast platform of countless mind modules from the quantum level to the astral level, you can flexibly develop and experience your own reality. Whatever concept you use, you create your own reality with mind modules and this technological specification is real magic.

In conclusion, a new definition of real magic is necessary.

To define what real magic is: the phenomena where consciousness creates and experiences a particular reality in the interaction with the platform, which consists of countless mind modules. The platform is a part of the planetary environment, called one of the virtual universes.

Primordial Science and Technology

From here, let's look at how it really works in systems.

As we considered above, real magic requires a platform or environment like Python. Since the Python interpreter and your code need other modules, middleware, an operating system and hardware, you need system structure and technology in order to perform real magic.

In the case of you and me living here, we have several platforms on the planetary environment. This system structure is based on mind modules and systems, including etheric blueprints and working templates, astral information energy to create a replica of your individuated consciousness. In other words, your ego system. So your ego is not bad or worthless, contrary to what spiritual gurus and masters have often said. It's more like your avatar to interact with this universe.

Yes, this planet and the virtual universe we live in are part of real magic. Some parts of the system structure are very old, but if you and I temporarily remove the concept of linear space-time, it doesn't matter how old or traditional they are. Just like your genetic inheritance, every mind module is here and now.

To understand this technological specification, imagine that you're a developer building and maintaining a web application in the cloud. Whatever cloud solution you're using, you're building your own reality (mind system with mind modules) in a different reality built by others in scale and systemic domains.

In my case, this website is mainly built using Zola, GitLab and Cloudflare Pages. Based on this basic stack, I'm using some additional modules - Mermaid.js and Elasticlunr.js. To build my own website (reality) in the collective environment (this virtual universe), I have some magic items - VSCodium, Homebrew, Stable Diffusion and MacBook Air.

The same thing goes for real magic. It's all based on mind science, mind technology and more advanced mathematics than we use. This means that real magic is primordial science and technology. Technically, real magic is a primordial science-based technique and alchemy is a technology based on real magic.

In the same way, your basic magic, which is your object instance and its behaviour, is based on this virtual universe, known as the deception systems, designed and operated by humanity and the ancient deities. And this virtual universe belongs to the planetary virtualisation, known as terraforming, designed and operated by other entities. This means that the world we live in is made up of the minds of many entities. It's the same as our human devices.

Whether it's deceptive or not, the environment and the object instances, in other words, this universe and the human devices, are made up of countless mind modules. And these mind modules are mainly stored in other systemic domains, including the genetic mind and the world of creation. But these domains are not separate or far away from here, just as git repositories are not separate from our environment.

The entities that design and develop micro-services are responsible for the domains and the quality of the services. This is the same situation that developers always do. And both entities and developers extend the concept of linear space-time, because they load and call many modules from everywhere. Their logic also works beyond linear space-time, because it ends up being used by users in a very linear way, but the logic itself is not designed in a linear way.

That's the main reason why we're all interconnected and why you need to develop new mindset with extended mental models like everything is interconnected as a vast network and countless nodes in order to perform real magic.

And most importantly, it's the reason why you need to be healthy and to purify your mind in order to perform real magic. It's the same reason why developers should take care of their mental and physical health in order to build quality systems.

How Sound Influences Phenomena

To conclude this article, let's look at a use case for further practice.

For a few years now I've been doing a lot of magic experiments with sound vibrations. And recently I've realised that we can influence or manipulate small things like the climate around you. But there're a lot of conditions. This means that you can't claim reproducibility like modern science or technology, because you have to take into account and deal with many more variables than most people think.

But if you're successful in dealing with conditions and variables, your command with sound vibrations and clear images will change the weather from rainy to sunny. For example, at 9 a.m., you send a clear command with sound vibrations, "Rain stops before 11 a.m.," and so it is. Similarly, if you have a clear image of thick black clouds disappearing around your house, the sky around you will open up accordingly.

Through countless failures and small successes, I've found some patterns and basic conditions.

  • You need to purify your mind and environment regularly
  • It strongly depends on the environment you've maintained
  • Your human device must be full of Chi-type vital energy
  • Use consciousness instead of using physical force and emotions
  • You need to understand system structure and interfaces to interact with
  • It's easier to influence the natural world than the mindless humans

The last point is directly related to serious consequences - people in a zombie state, already manipulated by others through technology and entertainment, hijacking their ego systems and primitive pleasure. Their communication ports are mostly closed with the routing and firewall functions, so your intentions and vibes are difficult to get through them. But wild animals are the opposite!

The same thing goes for the human environment, including the economy and social structure, because some ascended masters in a strict hierarchy and the human reps of the rulers (the ancient deities) also regularly perform ancient and systemic magic in human history.

When it comes to casting out a spell as a command with sound vibrations, it should not be like verbal communication and pop songs. It should be more like a particular tone that resonates with the electromagnetic environment, but it's hard for me to explain in English.

But you'll feel and know when you've successfully cast out the command into the virtual universe. The short feedback loops immediately tell you that your command has been successfully delivered. It's like a web application that tells you when you've successfully completed a certain task.

The most important thing is to know the system structure, interfaces and technical specifications. Once you know them, you can prepare yourself for real magic, accordingly just as the magicians and alchemists did every spring and every new moon.