New Paradigm - Mental Model Evolution

Posted by lemur47 on 12 March 2024


To move to the next stage of collective evolution, we'd better rethink how we think and act. If we're still stuck in seeing everything through the lens of benevolent vs. malevolent, it's going to be so hard to see things as they are as we enter the new era of transparency and complexity.

Key Points

The Problem of New Paradigm With Old Model

It's time to upgrade our mental models. Together we will think deeply about the following points.

  • The bottom line is information density
  • Old model doesn't work with high density
  • New paradigm is primarily object-oriented

In this context, the term "model" is used in several senses at once - replica, stereotype and archetype of how we think and act - meaning a set of mindsets that implement multiple mental models.

Actually, such a notion of benevolent vs. malevolent has been very useful as a powerful "nudge" to make people aware of what's going on. It has acted as an "awakening" trigger to take action for our collective sovereignty and freedom.

But as you can see, this model doesn't work anymore.

This type of oversimplified mental model makes people very confused. For example, if you're researching on ETBs, you'll be very irritated by the model because it's so hard to classify many species as benevolent or malevolent. This oversimplification creates unnecessary complexity.

In the same way, you've been taught that you're not wrong, a system is all wrong. You're often taught that you can't blame people, you have to blame an object. It's the same as being taught that you're a victim and that there're some villeins who are deceiving you.

To be honest, I've written in this blog about the ancient deities and deception systems to gain knowledge for our sovereignty and freedom. But the point has always been that we have to hack the systems ourselves to take back our sovereignty and freedom, NOT that we're victims.

The reason why the oversimplified mental model doesn't work anymore is that you and I are already awakened and are about to enter the new era of transparency and complexity. The new era of transparency and complexity means that we have to see things as they are, without looking through the old and clouded lens of right vs. wrong, benevolent vs. malevolent, and light-side vs. dark-side.

In short, we need to evolve.

As the environment evolves, so does our perception. The information density is extremely high compared to the past, and the old mental model, which oversimplifies everything, is quite useless in the sense that we perceive brand new things.

Imagine that we're still living in an emulated world (illusion systems) that works in the 8-bit environment like a famicom. And this emulated system is based on the 16-bit system called economy with very sequential strategies and task-based tactics. But this planet already works in the 32-bit system, and this solar system works in the 64-bit system. And this galaxy usually works like a quantum computing cloud.

At the very least, we need to jump like frogs to the 64-bit system. This means that we have to stop being in autopilot mode, nudged by jamming techniques and manipulation modules in the very small emulated box. This is the main reason why such a dichotomous mental model doesn't work as it used to.

Interestingly, the dichotomous mental model is deeply rooted in a particular way of thinking - linear perception or linear space-time. This mental model and perception creates a very sequential reality, even though the real world is made up of countless nodes and complex networks.

For this reason it has been a very useful and powerful tool for the rulers to control and manipulate people in line. The deception systems have hidden the true architecture of this galaxy as part of the multiverses - object-oriented systems. So you and I must discard the old model in order to adapt to the new environment.

The Pitfall of the Dichotomous Mental Model

The dichotomy ignores systematic relationships. Let's take a closer look at why the old mental model doesn't work in most cases.

  • Dichotomy drops most of information
  • Dichotomy oversimplifies all the things
  • Dichotomy overcomplicates oversimplified things

As the diagram below shows, when we look at things through the lens of dichotomy, we drop most of the information that things have. The reason for this is that we ignore most of the objects and their relationships by using a very simple conditional logic, such as "if X, then Y".

Model Evolution

The reality is the right one, but if you always use the model, e.g. as benevolent vs. malevolent, your reality will look like the left one. As you can see, 2 out of 3 (66.6%) of the objects are ignored and 9 out of 11 (81.8%) of the relationships are dropped.

In other words, you lose 70-80% of the information in the universe. This means that you know almost nothing about the universe, which is one of the virtual universes on the planetary virtualisation. It also means that this is exactly the same design concept as the illusion systems and the mind cages as part of the deception systems.

Let's take a look at another example. I think that you're familiar with Sephiroth, the tree of life, so the diagram below explains how you perceive part of the deception systems as a whole universe when you use the dichotomous model.

Model Evaluation

The same as the previous diagram, the left one is the partial reality with the dichotomy. Because this mental model always applies a very simple "if X, then Y" logic to everything in a very linear way, so you not only miss the other 7 objects, but you also don't know how Yesod works at the fork in the road. This object model (Yesod) acts as a lever controlling system delays, your linear approach takes a lot of time to make it happen and you wait way too long.

This Kabbalistic model is exactly the same as the planetary black magic - the deception systems, so you must first understand how the deception systems actually work as a whole in order to dismantle and get out of the prison-like systems.

(I feel that this black magic is now slowly fading from our minds)

When it comes to understanding whole systems as a framework of mind, including the genetic mind, the dichotomous model significantly prevents you from seeing the big picture and seeing things as they are. This is a huge bottleneck to take back our sovereignty and freedom and is the main reason why we'd better let go of the old mental model.

The pitfall of the dichotomy is that you drop most of the information from the reality, so it's really hard to identify the root causes of the universe, which is part of the deception systems.

The New Era of Transparency and Complexity

The new era demands that we see things as they are. The clearer we see things, the more complex they've become.

  • Transparency challenges us to think more complexly
  • Lower mind and higher mind must be discarded
  • Humanity should develop open systems with objects

As we've already seen in the previous section, the dichotomy, such as benevolent vs. malevolent, significantly prevents you from seeing things as they are. This also means that if you want to move to the next stage of evolution, you need to understand complex things as complex. Transparency requires you to see things as they are, without applying a clouded lens.

Autopilot mode nudges you not to think deeply and act accordingly. This low-cost and energy-saving mode allows you to live unconsciously in the world of control and manipulation. This is exactly the same situation as living in the 8-bit emulated "famicom" universe on the 64-bit environment. This situation is too far from living in transparency and complexity.

The key to living in the new era of transparency and complexity is an object-oriented way. It allows you to live mindfully by using both models - linear and non-linear - at the same time. You perceive and design things beyond the linear space-time, while you implement and experience the design in a linear way. This complex approach challenges you to discard a dichotomous model - higher mind vs. lower mind, as well as benevolent vs. malevolent.

Simply put, your individuated consciousness intends and experiences with mind modules and virtualised platforms. Systematic mappings such as superior and inferior are the result of mind programming, i.e. mind control for energy manipulation. The same goes for the dichotomous framework in controlling and manipulating the structure and flow of information and energy. You can change it.

In other words, you and I can develop our own systems as social infrastructure in an object-oriented way. To do this, the concept of higher mind and lower mind keeps us from a flexible and agile development. We don't necessarily have to follow the old structure that has kept us from the true world.

Transparency reveals complex reality while complexity challenges us to see things transparently. This means that we need to adapt to the new environment and cope with the high cognitive load and information density.


When we begin to reveal and see the true world, the dichotomous mental models so strongly prevent us from doing so. So we must first discard the old mental models and update the existing mindset that implements them. Then we create and perceive things in both object-oriented and linear ways at the same time. What helps us to do this is that a new model as we can already see in the 2 diagrams.