About Me

This page describes who lemur47 is and what its mission and strategies are.

Thank you for checking the information provided by lemur47 and the invisible alchemical network. This page introduces who lemur47 is and what the purpose of this website is.


lemur47 is an individuated consciousness that uses a human device as an advanced tool to explore the galaxy, especially Terra.

In the essence of the ancient civilisations such as Sumer and Babylonia, the name of lemur47's human device has the cryptic meaning of "Mercury of the Golden Sun". For the natal chart, it has a strong connection with Mercury, Venus and Uranus.

The main regions where lemur47 works are Japan, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. But its consciousness travels beyond the linear space-time.



This Website

The main purpose is to constantly share what lemur47 has gained through their experiments. It's more like a personal pastebin or pre-open source material. The content is based on years of research, alchemical experience, 20 years of technical background and decades of suffering from the mind cage and the illusion systems.

The mission is always the same - to help individuals gain knowledge and take appropriate action based on what they have and know. The open strategy is to develop and share new technologies for consciousness and mind so that they can be easily inherited and fully utilised for the new civilisation in the new era of transparency and complexity.

The keywords are always sovereignty and freedom.

With the concept, lemur47 introduces like-minded technologies for publishing content. For example, this website is made with Zola, GitLab and Cloudflare Pages. For communication and content development, Proton and Notesnook are the main tools because of privacy and security.