Research Proposal: Understanding How the Mind Works

Posted by lemur47 on 30 June 2024


To fix this dysfunctional world, it is fundamental to gain the knowledge of how this world actually works. This knowledge is deeply involved in the structure of how consciousness works with mind systems, and why/how we have been manipulated by other species and humans.

The aim is to understand the human mind system, which means translating magic and alchemy into technological terms and systems. This research will help social innovators take full advantage of mind technology to effectively solve problems at their root cause.

For this reason, we are sharing our work as an open-source project and will be constantly updating the materials and code. The project includes a conceptual digital twin of the planetary civilisation, especially the systemic structure of our ego system and the genetic mind.


From now on, we will use the term "we" for you and us. This means that you are we are and I am we are. In the altered state of consciousness in magic and alchemy, there is no such thing as you being separate from us. We are all connected.

Why We Do This Research

Let's start by identifying a problem that really matters to us.

What is the most effective tool to fundamentally solve the world's problems?

This simple question is distilled from our life with 10 countries. About 10 years ago, in 2015, we were in a very difficult situation somewhere in South East Asia. That year was the year of our awakening. An awakening from a lifelong nightmare.

  • Why can't we stop being enslaved by working hard for someone else?
  • Why does this world allow only a few "chosen" people to have everything?
  • Why are we all so different when we look the same and are treated the same?
  • Why have our capability and opportunities been destroyed thoroughly?
  • Why is our journey in search of truth always distorted or blocked?

If you have already started your "truth seeking" journey, you will have asked yourself these simple questions. We have asked ourselves the same questions many times in the rest of our lives, especially when we were in South East Asia and India with no money, living with locals who didn't have access to hot water or Wi-Fi.

In general, to solve the problems, such as poverty, injustice or environmental damage, most people start with the symptoms. They have tried so hard to fix the dysfunctions directly related to the symptoms by changing the results. The results are mainly constants, amounts, number and size of buffers, etc.. It can be said that they have struggled with the structure of material stocks and flows.

This means that they have tried so hard to change what has already happened.

In the digital world, the same thing happens again and again. Most technology companies are extremely focused on solving superficial problems. They find an impactful but superficial problem, such as automating the marketing process with a single app, known as Software as a Service.

But this approach has created so much work about work (according to Asana). To solve this "waste of time" problem, other companies offer automation and integration tools known as iPaaS. Their solutions sometimes change the structure and flow of information, but more often they create other problems. And the digital transformation seems like a covert mission to control and manipulate people in the process of transhumanism.

The real problem is that no one is addressing the root cause.

At this point, another question arises. Why don't we get to the root cause? This question is important to consider because it is not a question of good or bad, superior or inferior, benevolent or malevolent. It is a deep but simple question that leads to the next question - what knowledge has been hidden from us or what systemic structure has not been discovered?

The system structure of the human mind

The truth is that a very few people partially know the root cause, but most people don't know it yet. The very few people include magicians and alchemists, but there are three problems we have found.

  • Knowing partially means that they don't know how to solve it
  • The partial knowledge has often been distorted or hidden by them
  • The distortion and secrecy has created the world's problems

We have been working for almost 10 years to find the root cause, and this also means that, as alchemists, we have thoroughly read the book of nature. After the long period of intensive study, we have finally come to a tentative conclusion as to what is the effective tool to fundamentally solve the world's problems.

The tentative conclusion is mind technology.

Goal and Objectives

The next step is to define goal and objectives. This is the same process that companies use to define their mission, objectives, strategies and tactics.

  • Clarify how consciousness uses the mind as technology
  • Reverse-engineer the structure of the current civilisation
  • Find leverage points to fix a bunch of dysfunctions at once

The key points above are the objectives that support the goal. The goal is to understand how the mind works, which doesn't mean solving the world's problems. It is more like finding tools to solve problems.

How can we use mind technology to solve problems at their root cause?

This is the open-ended research question that we want to answer through the project. This question is related to the first question - What is the most effective tool to fundamentally solve the world's problems?

To fundamentally solve big problems, we need some high leverage tools to push the strategic points. By pushing these points, we will be able to systematically fix countless dysfunctions without having to work on each dysfunction one by one.

This approach is the same as creating and using the philosopher's stone as a catalyst to solve problems.

The facts we want to learn are how the mind works as organic technology. This means understanding consciousness by translating magic and alchemy into mind technology. In other words, we plan to find a core mechanism of the mind through reverse-engineering and prototyping.

The keyword is "organic technology" because we assume that we humans have destroyed the environment and the planetary culture in a very inorganic way. It is not that we have lived an inorganic culture, it is that we have killed the organic system by treating things as inorganic machine stuff.

This assumption leads us to the next question, which is that what is the main factor why we have destroyed the organic planetary system. And one of the answers is - we have dealt with reality by separating mind from matter.

The paradigm shift in mind science

In other words, we have firmly and collectively maintained the boundary (problem-solving domain) that no longer serves us. This boundary prevents us from expanding our collective consciousness. This also means that we have created an illusion system and mind cages to keep us in illusion.

This situation is the big area of concern and it is the root cause of why we can't solve problems. And the root cause is made of mind technology in the human mind system. So we have wanted to clarify the structure of the current civilisation made up with mind technology in the human mind system.

The most important thing is that if we understand what the mind is and how mind technology works, we can fix dysfunctions by pushing appropriate leverage points at the same time, because we have unconsciously/subconsciously created so many problems with the system and technology.

The difference between the future and the past is whether we know how it works or not.


If the project is successful, we will understand and have the following benefits.

  • We collaborate rather than control or manipulate people
  • We innovate the status quo civilisation as part of the human mind system
  • We get new technology based on neo-science that works with consciousness

The project may need some researchers in the near future, and the types of researchers will be defined not only by what they have studied, but most likely by what they have done in their daily lives.

This means that the project is not a typical research project that defines people by their academic, business and family (bloodline) history. We do not want to make decisions based on elitism and mediumship. The same thing applies to the spiritual industry, mysticism and the New Age movement.

The project must be independent and should not belong to any organisation other than itself.

The future collaboration that inspires us is someone who develops digital twins, but they are not too dependent on the world of digital and commerce. They could be a Python developer, an animal sanctuary manager, an authentic witch or a gifted person. Or maybe they have been through hard times and still don't know what they are capable of.

The project focuses mainly on people, because the civilisation is made up of the human mind system. And most importantly, it is humanity that innovates the human mind system, not academic study.

Project Plan

The project is already up and running. The main repository is hosted on GitLab and we will be constantly updating both the repository and this blog (mind hacks) for the research.

  • Repository for code, materials and documents
  • Blog for research notes and updates

To update the project and its resources, we will do the following things.

  • Leverage 10 years of research by translating it into artefacts
  • Keep examining the book of nature as the primary source
  • Learn and use FastAPI and SQLAlchemy with Python and SQLite
  • Live around the world for a deeper understanding of people
  • To make the above possible, do another job for money

The main milestones are:

  1. Cultural innovation (2020, already happened)
  2. Environmental improvement (2030, in progress)
  3. Launch of new civilisation prototype (2030 - 2040)

These milestones were defined in 2017, Siem Reap, Cambodia, and they came subconsciously from the world trends beyond linear space-time. Based on these planetary milestones, we will move the project forward according to what happens.

The basic approach is to examine the book of nature with prototypes and then translate what we get into technological and systemic terms based on magic and alchemy. This approach helps people understand what it is and makes things easier in the process of paradigm shift.

The subdomains of the human mind system

To avoid unnecessary obstacles, the project primarily focuses on 3 subdomains.

  • Ego system
  • The genetic mind
  • Illusion systems and mind cages

We have already created a conceptual structure of the human mind system, which is the status quo civilisation, so we can break the problem down into small chunks for study.

But one thing we have to make clear is that things cannot be completely separated, as many consultants have done with MECE (Mutually Exclusive, Completely Exhaustive), because the mind system and consciousness don't work that way.

The biggest challenge is consistently having enough budget, and we have been trying to overcome this challenge for 10 years, but we are still working on it. It can be an obstacle to slow down the progress as it used to be.

Financial support via Buy Me a Coffee is always welcome.

To monitor the project and its health, we can track a leading indicator. The leading indicator is: "Is every solution that comes out of the project designed to take full advantage of the organic system at the planetary level?"

The completion of the project will be in early 2030. At that point we will see some results when humanity understands how the mind works with consciousness and how to improve the human mind system. The results will embody the collective sovereignty and freedom.

This research proposal is inspired by Where Research Begins.