How to Fix Dysfunction in Society

Posted by lemur47 on 19 February 2024


Planetary virtualisation is the advanced technology known as terraforming. This virtualisation has brought us countless benefits, while it has been hacked and distorted so many times. To fix the myriad dysfunctions in our society, we need to solve the problems associated with the virtualised platforms by peeling back the layers of the onion skin.

Key Points

  • There is the truth supporting illusions as systems
  • The illusions are reality, part of the layered virtualisation
  • Virtualisation itself is neither good nor evil
  • This planet has been hacked and virtualised so many times
  • To fix the problems we must go back to the core technology

Why Our Society Is Full of Dysfunction

Key: The root cause is the foundation of our civilisation, and that foundation is based on a very advanced technology to virtualise the planet for a rich user experience.

Here are the key factors for failure in terms of dysfunction in our society.

  • We don't know how the planetary system works as a whole
  • We don't understand non-linear feedback loops and object-oriented way
  • We lock ourselves into linear space-time, which is a fixed frame

This means that it's so hard for us to identify the problems and the root causes unless we expand our consciousness to handle more mindsets for more mental models to implement. It also means that we are in the process of increasing information density as our collective consciousness expands. So in order to identify and fix the problems in our society, we must first cope with and overcome the heavy cognitive load.

Technologically, the reason our society is full of dysfunction is that we have developed (destroyed) the status quo civilisation on a platform that we don't really know. This approach is quite risky and it can be understood if we think about an analogy of IT infrastructure in terms of cyber security.

Imagine that you are an app developer who knows nothing about Amazon Web Services and Linux servers. You can't build a robust app in the cloud environment if you don't understand how it works. Your app will have a lot of glitches and security incidents because the cloud environment gives you flexibility. Flexibility gives us a rich user experience if we use it correctly.

The same goes for this planet. This planet gives us flexibility for a rich user experience. But if we don't understand how nature works as a whole system, including other planets in this solar system, as well as other stars and planets in this galaxy, we create tragedy and disaster.

That's exactly what we're doing now.

The main reason for our tragedy and disaster is deeply involved in the way we think and act - mindset and mental models. These rules and logic give us a lens to see the world, and the lens is fixed to see the world in the rule of linear space-time, so we always think and act in the limitation of linear space-time.

But hackers and crackers know how to think and act outside of the limitation. So they have trapped you and deceived you within the linear space-time, forcing you to see the very limited universe as the true universe, even though it is a very limited area of the true universe.

The reason they can do this is because they know how to use both linear (sequential) and object-oriented ways. These ways are just a set of tools to create and experience the reality. And that reality can be shaped into a variety of different forms. So we must first expand our consciousness and mind to see the world and problems as they are.

Door: The problem is that we don't know or have forgotten how it works. So we have been deceived by a false universe and have consumed and destroyed what other species have created for us.

How Planetary Virtualisation Works

Key: In order for an individuated consciousness to interact with the environment, it first creates a soul object that refers to the consciousness. The soul object is then implemented into a human device.

Here are the key points of planetary virtualisation, which provides the foundation for multi-layered platforms.

  • An individuated consciousness is a row or a node of a grid-like entity database
  • The node is referenced by a soul object in the soul-object storage
  • The soul is set up for incarnation according to the preference settings
  • The soul is then implemented into a human device according to the settings
  • The soul and the human device are dynamically programmed by the platform

This foundation of all virtual universes on this planet is built with advanced and organic technology beyond linear space-time. It's a mind-based platform powered by our consciousness. It also means that this mind-based platform operates as a tangible environment with both consciousness tech and electromagnetic tech.

The following image is an abstract diagram of how our consciousness experiences the reality, which is the universe on the planet.

Diagram: the basic structure of the planetary virtualisation

The important thing to know is that we are neither our human devices nor our human souls. Your true self is your individuated consciousness without the limitations of linear space-time. This is your philosopher's stone. It's because it creates a holographic reality when it interacts with the environment, which is the planetary environment or the universe system on the planet.

Your individuated consciousness alone can't experience this tangible reality, but with the soul object and the human device in the virtualised platform called the universe, you create and experience the reality.

Technologically, there is a vast grid-like database that contains every individuated consciousness as a node. This database, which can't be explained by language, manages each individuated consciousness as an entity. So we're entities like nodes, interconnected in a non-linear, invisible network. There's no such thing as light or dark, good or evil, positive or negative, or any of the other dichotomies created by "enlightened minds".

When the entity wants to experience the tangible world, the soul object is used. This object contains a lot of information and inclinations to work together with the human device. The object is called an "entity object" because the entity uses a particular type of object and the object refers to the entity. For instance, the word is a type of object, but the soul object is a very specific type of object that the entity creates based on the platform. This means that the object belongs to the planetary environment, so it's not absolute or unchanging.

What the entity object (the soul object with the entity) is implemented into a human device (a human body) is called an "object instance". This is because the entity object is now realised as a tangible instance in the environment. It's very similar to a working virtual machine in a virtual host, and that virtual machine is sometimes called an instance. This means that an instance is a type of realisation and an object is prior to the realisation from the perspective of the tangible universe.

With this flexible environment and systems, everyone is able to create their own limited reality. It allows us to focus on specific things to experience. This is the design philosophy of planetary virtualisation, and the architects wanted us to make the most of it by activating and evolving our genes and genetic mind.

Door: The foundation of planetary virtualisation is advanced technology, including both consciousness technology and electromagnetic technology. This open platform allows everyone to create their own reality.

How This Planet Has Been Hacked and Distorted

Key: This virtualisation allows us to create our own reality within the platform. And the platform also allows us to build a layered virtualisation. The software can be forked by anyone.

Here are the root causes of dysfunction in the universe that we collectively perceive.

  • Many virtualised platforms have been created throughout history
  • Software, especially in the genetic mind, has forked, hacked and distorted
  • Multi-layered virtualisation has made us forget what the truth is

In short, the way this planet has been hacked and distorted is through multiple virtualisation and destructive modules. The multiple virtualisation is a kind of nested virtualisation or multi-layered virtualisation. The destructive modules are a type of mindset with mental models that consist of many object-based hacking programs.

In the case of extra virtualisation, we can use the analogy of nested virtualisation in IT. If you are using a MacBook Air, you can create a virtual environment in several ways. VirtualBox allows you to run additional operating systems, such as Debian Linux or Pop!_OS, on top of your macOS. You can also run a virtual machine inside another virtual machine. This is called "nested virtualisation".

Of course, you can also create other virtual environments in addition to VirtualBox. For example, you can create a virtualenv for your Python apps. This is the same as the foundation of the planetary virtualisation we already looked at earlier in this article.

Simply put, we can create virtual realities and virtual universes on top of the planetary virtualisation. In other words, we have been trapped and deceived in the false universe(s) for a long, long time. When you try to escape the false universe, there's another false universe next to the one you're currently in. This is called the illusion systems.

In the case of destructive modules, we can also use the analogy of the object-oriented programming. Modules are a type of mindset that defines the way you think and act. It's a set of methods for an object called a class. The class and its methods are based on some models and depend on other modules.

These modules are mindsets that implement mental models and clusters of minds. And they exist outside of linear space-time. They can be imported into a particular scenario in the linear universe to focus on a particular experience. The module is a unit that controls and manipulates our behaviour in the universe. Regardless of their purpose, countless modules can be found in the genetic-mind repositories.

A mind module (a mindset) is generally recognised as a framework, a thought pattern and a stereotype. As we already know, a fixed mindset is a rigid framework of thought and action that prevents us from moving forward. For this reason it acts as a mind cage, locking us into a very small box within an illusion system. That's why we call this module a mind cage when it's created or used in a destructive way.

Precisely, the illusion systems support countless mind cages as services, as platforms, and as universes.

The most critical thing about mind cages (mind modules, mindsets) is that they can be installed in your future and it's almost impossible to detect them before they are imported, integrated and executed with your mind. So mindsets sometimes become a very notorious trap.

There's another reason. As I wrote that they are based on some models and depend on other modules, most mind cages and traps inherit the truth. They then deliberately fork and distort the base module that is the truth. You can often see what happens with this in the spiritual industry.

The point is that the foundation of planetary virtualisation allows us to create more virtual universes and modules for a rich experience. But if someone exploits these flexible systems in a destructive way for an extremely self-serving purpose, it creates serious dysfunctions in the whole systems. And a series of nested virtualisations, nested networks and multiple false universes creates the nightmare that we're collectively dreaming of.

In the case of soul-object storage, there may be a very few entities or species that could've made modifications to the core component. I'm not saying that they are evil or good, but I'm sure that there are some highly evolved species with advanced technology that can innovate planetary systems.

In summary, there are many penetration points to hack and distort the planetary systems. The foundation of planetary virtualisation allows us to create multiple or nested universes, known as the illusion systems. It also allows us to invent and import countless mind modules that operate outside of linear universes. The electromagnetic networks can also be hacked for mass manipulation with the genetic-mind repositories. For our soul objects there may be some modifications to prevent us from moving forward.

Door: The genetic-mind repositories and platform has been hacked and forked so many times. A very few advanced species might have made significant modifications to the soul-object storage, but that's neither good nor evil.

In conclusion, we'd better to go back to the core technology and understand how it really works in order to fix the dysfunctions in our society. Without this, we won't be able to get out of the destructive loops caused by existing virtualisation, including the illusion systems and countless mind cages.

The good news is that every illusion system and every single mind cage is interconnected and operates on the same platform - the foundation of the planetary virtualisation known as the planetary virtual host. So we will be able to go back to the core technology and start again to dismantle all the dysfunctional systems that are preventing us from moving forward!