Multiple Operating Systems for Human Device

Posted by lemur47 on 18 May 2024


Warding magick is the same as modern days domain modelling. And this modelling technique is also used to define system structure and services. Your individuated consciousness uses this magick to interact with this planet.

With these sub-modules above, you and I are thinking deeply about how we think and act independently and collectively in some virtual universes built in the planetary virtualisation.

Key Points

  • Architecture for a virtual universe is a complex system
  • Personality is literally the result of certain inclinations
  • Astral magick is directly related to operating systems

Domains, Layers and Contexts Are Magick

The first step is to get the big picture. With a bird's eye view, we'll see how our mind systems work and why our personalities are more complex than we thought.

System structure of human mind system

This diagram is an integration of ancient magick, alchemy knowledge and information technology.

To be honest, this system structure is so hard for me to explain in words, because our language is very limited when it comes to sharing the complex idea, so I want you to feel this system structure with your heart before you dive into the details.

But let me add some explanation to understand this structure. The most basic objects are related to yourself. The following points are the definition of the circle objects.

  • Entity is your individuated consciousness
  • Entity Object is your soul
  • Object Instance is your human device

And the rectangular objects relate to the categories, layers and domains of the system structure.

  • SW, MW, HW stand for software, middleware and hardware
  • Deus is the genetic inheritance of the Anunnaki
  • Malum is the same position as Satan
  • Coelum, Aer, Ignis are heaven, air and fire

There're also 2 invisible elements - Terra and Aqua, meaning of earth and water. Earth contains sulphur (soul) and salt (body) dissolves in water. In addition, alchemical mercury, which is mind, especially the genetic mind, is part of heaven, where the genetic core connects to the human mind system.

When it comes to the information structure, there're several insights.

  • Platform is the cloud environment, including mind storage
  • Device is for products integrated with cloud and micro-services
  • Micro Service is the domain of micro-services

Micro-services are built and delivered by the plant and mineral kingdoms. These services are inter-dense and multi-faceted and play a vital role in planetary virtualisation. This system design and concept is the same as today's service architecture.

Lastly, the hexagonal objects are the operating systems. The following points are the roles and responsibilities of each operating system.

  • OS1: The soul settings for incarnation
  • OS2: The integration between light body and meat suit
  • OS3: The settings of the human device

Your true self, which is your individuated consciousness, is beyond or outside the rules and logic of this system. This is called your "entity" in this system structure, and it's unique, identifiable and exists as part of the external domain - the database of consciousness. The database is unity and it can't be separated and divided like our minds.

This is why you need to use an object to enter a virtual universe (this system structure). This is known as your soul, and it's also misunderstood that your soul is absolute. However, according to the specification, your soul needs to be customised in each incarnation to interact with the current platform. This also means that if you incarnate into a different planetary system, you'll need to change your soul settings accordingly.

If you're interested in the planetary virtualisation and the human soul, please refer to the section "How Planetary Virtualisation Works" in the previous article.

OS1: The soul settings for incarnation

Operating System 1 is responsible for the soul management. And in my opinion, there's a root cause around Operating System 1 that's why we've experienced difficulties throughout human history. We can't achieve our sovereignty and freedom if we don't take into account in this deep system.

This is what I wanted to say in the article "How the Deception Systems Trick You" with system diagrams.

OS2: The integration between light body and meat suit

Operating System 2 is responsible for the ego system. The ego system is related to the role of middleware to integrate software with hardware. In most cases, our ego is misunderstood and people in the spiritual entertainment industry tend to think that the human ego is bad or doesn't exist, but it's neither bad nor doesn't exist.

When it comes to middleware, you can imagine having SQLite in your laptop to store everything from session data to system logs. The middleware-like ego management system plays a similar role.

In addition, the cloud-based PostgreSQL is the genetic system. Your local SQLite and the cloud PostgreSQL are connected. The same goes for your local git repository and the cloud-based git platform. Your local repository is used by your conscious mind and the cloud repository is part of the genetic mind.

If you're a consciousness hacker, this system design is so important, because an ethical hacker can gain access the individual and collective ego systems to make a constructive change, while a self-serving cracker can also manipulate or hijack someone's ego system. And this destructive approach has always been used by non-ethical attackers and agents. It's called mind control, jamming technique, and black magic.

In any case, you and I can change the balance and how we implement and use the ego system. This is exactly what we do when we change system preferences according to our evolutionary process.

OS3: The settings of the human device

Operating System 3 is responsible for the position of every human device.

If you're an alchemist, magician or witch, it's easy to see how the four basic elements play a role in programming and settings. And the four basic elements are also related to electromagnetic tech, such as astral magick and the manipulation of mind modules.

To clarify what Operating System 3 does, let's use analogies from information technology.

Operating System is the base system on which a developer programs and installs other mind modules such as your mobile apps. If you're a developer, you can install and configure a web server and a database server in your Linux OS. Operating System 3 is the same as your Linux OS.

The ancient deities developed and installed many modules into human devices using Operating System 3. These modules are micro-services built and delivered by the plant and mineral kingdoms. That's why the animal kingdom is based on these kingdoms. These modules are not static, as well as every kingdom is dynamic and inter-dense.

The next analogy is virtualisation. Cloud computing, especially virtual servers or virtual machines, are launched from the default template and then configured and updated in real time. This is the same way that your human device was launched from the default template (the genetic template) and made some modifications with inclinations (position) when you were born.

Operating System 3 is closely related to our personalities, because it works with the ego system and object-instance relationships, so let's take a closer look at how our personalities are built in the next section.

Personality Is Created by Inclinations

Once you know how the whole system works, it's better to get into something more personal. Then you have both a bird's eye view and a bug's eye view.

From now on we're going to look at our personality. As we already know, personality is made up of multiple domains with many contexts and properties, so it's a systemic result of genetic and preference settings based on a human template and operating systems.

A few years ago, I was looking for an appropriate concept to describe why we shouldn't use dichotomy to judge other people. As I explained in the previous article, dichotomy drops most of the information from the true reality. It's most likely to lead you into a false reality, such as that he's a malevolent person.

What I found was that our personalities are the result of inter-dimensional and multi-faceted inclinations. In other words, we're instances that have different inclinations launched from the same template.

Don't know who you are with just a superficial personality

The diagram below shows my superficial inclinations analysed by the Chinese Five Elements. This is taken from my profile generated by Wealth Dynamics.

Inclinations with five elements

What do you think of me with this profile?

Some might think that I'm a very unbalanced person, because I have a serious lack of Earth element. Others might think that I'm a candidate who can lead their project with prototypes. But this profile has very limited information, so you can't judge who I am.

The lack of information often comes from a lack of understanding of how both the human device and the virtual universe(s) work as a whole system. The serious lack of information about genetic and technical specifications, especially in mind systems, it has created so many conflicts and struggles based on a dichotomous and self-serving way of thinking.

One thing we can see from this diagram is that a personality is made up of several inclinations based on a single template. That's the same as saying that we're instances that have different inclinations launched from the same template.

Personality comprises of multiple domains and contexts

For a deeper understanding, let's take another example. I think that you're very familiar with the structure of Sephiroth, the Tree of Life, if you're interested in magick and alchemy. So we take that framework.

Astral magick wiht Sephiroth framework

Imagine that this framework is an abstract illustration of how the astral magick works for your personality. In this case, the framework plays a role in one of the human templates for soul-body integration. In other words, a template for an entity object to implement into an object instance. This is also the same as what Operating System 3 is responsible for.

If the whole Sephiroth framework is Operating System 3, your preference settings will be different from mine. This is called personal inclinations and these settings make a difference. Your personality and ego system are made up of the multiple operating systems and network implementations.

More specifically, the first sephira, called Kether, is an interface for your object, which is your soul. And the 10th sephira, called Malkuth, is an interface of your human device after implementation. The centre of the sephira, called Tiphereth or Beauty, is a leverage point of information structure and flow. This astral centre is a primordial model for making a difference.

If these sephiroth are models/modules/interfaces in your mind system, then these objects are installed in different domains, such as the world of emanation, the world of creation, the world of formation and the world of action. More precisely, there're 12 domains in which the mind system is interconnected.

Your personality with the ego system is a systemic result of multiple operating systems, such as the example we're considering in this section. So there're also many contexts to activate for scenarios that consist of your own local universe.

Put simply, your personality is like your smartphone. There're several layers to your smartphone's settings. You can edit the most superficial system preferences, but there're more configurations to edit. Sometimes you'll need to edit middleware configurations or kernel settings. This is the same as your personality, which is the result of an entity-object-instance interaction.

If you're familiar with virtualisation, there're many more configurations and settings to consider. It's like what the ancient deities did to this planet and human devices in order to make them work.

In summary, your personality is the result of the complex systems and inclinations (system preferences). This means that your human device is a part of the complex systems, and the device itself is made up of many micro-services and multiple operating systems.

That's why your human device is sometimes referred to as a microcosm corresponding to the macrocosm, because everything is made up of mind technology.

Mind Can Be Developed With/as Network OS

Today's subject is not easy for me to explain in detail with my brain, so it's not easy for you to understand effortlessly with your brain. But if you activate your heart-sensing system to feel the non-digital information like an alchemist or magician, I believe that you'll have something important.

That being said, if you and I are trying to build a new civilisation in the new era of transparency and complexity, we need to describe the unknown technology in more detail in order to open source the technology.

As we've considered in this article, we can design and develop our own civilisation with mind technology, which is electromagnetic tech from the quantum to the astral levels.

To make this possible, we must first change our mindset and mental models from the dichotomy based system to a new one. This is called the unlearning strategy and this strategy works well by discarding the physical and metaphysical boundary.

The core of the civilisation is the way people think and act. This is exactly what the human mind system is responsible for, and mind programming with astral information energy makes it possible.

As we've seen with the bird's eye view, everything is interconnected as a vast network and nodes. This system structure is the same as space-time. And the awareness of this structure also determines how we think and act. This means that the human mind system is the current architecture of our civilisation, so we need to understand how it currently works in order to make a change.

References and Important Notes

This article is based on a book about the Voynich Manuscript, 10 years of my research into magick and alchemy, and 20 years of experiments in information technology.

The book on decoding the Voynich Manuscript is written in Japanese and there's no English version. So you can check the PDF stored in the Yale University Library.

One more thing. The decoding book is a channeling material, so we have to be very careful to examine what it is and what its purpose is. I'm very sceptical about channeling, considering its purpose and historical background, so I have to evaluate the information with several methods. This article is part of my evaluation.