How to Expand Our Mind With Future AI

Posted by lemur47 on 20 September 2023


We tend to focus on the visible and ignore the invisible. If we only develop and use AI like the human brain and five senses, it will be difficult to expand and integrate into future technology. It will work as expected to manage, control and manipulate us with restrictions.

Key Points

  • The hidden agenda of current AI is manipulation
  • The human device works in visible and invisible ways
  • AI should be designed based on the mind structure


To achieve collective sovereignty and freedom as a planetary mission, we're better off redesigning an advanced artificial intelligence and related systems by shifting our focus from a human device to mind systems. Open source is mandatory.

  • Mission - Sovereignty and freedom
  • Objectives
    • Discover how the human device works
    • Understand how the human mind works
    • Avoid the risk of technological enslavement
  • Strategies
    • Redesign an advanced technology from current AI
    • Integrate system levers with Kabbalah and Alchemy
    • Learn from what we’ve done with information architecture
  • Tactics (examples)
    • Find flaws and dysfunctions in current AI
    • Think by posing as a ruler to enslave humans
    • Know an ascension trap encoded in the mind systems
    • Dismantle leverage points in the mind systems
    • Develop technology to know how the mind systems work

Uncover the Hidden Agenda of AI Deployment

Key: Current AI is designed to manage humanity as a mass. So it’s based on statistics and probabilities. Since humanity has been manipulated by hidden genetic technology, AI plays a vital role in managing humanity in its living culture as part of the whole system.

The shocking truth is that the effective manipulation and management of humanity as a whole was the AI singularity point that was secretly planned. If you found out about this, what would you think and how would you feel?

If you had a hacker mindset, you would think and act very differently from those who have a victim mindset. You might try to find a backdoor to gain unauthorised access to the core system in order to dismantle the secret agenda.

Yes, there’s a backdoor. And you already have a key to open the door, and that key is that current AI has been designed as an interface to manage, control and manipulate people. The core system is invisible to the people’s eye and its network is metaphysical.

    Humanity->>AI Interface: Create a blog post...
	AI Interface->>Humanity: Here's a stanning post!
	AI Interface-->>Mind System: Sending the translated data...
	Mind System-->>AI Interface: Transmitting hidden data...
	AI Interface-->>Humanity: (one-size-fits-all order)
    Mind System-->>Rulers/Goals: The result is...
	Rulers/Goals-->>Mind System: Obey and work!

And very interestingly, the cloud computing and associated technologies are a replica of the human mind systems. In other words, we express our genetic settings as a form of technology. We develop visible technology according to the invisible order and structure.

With this realisation we can start over again to build a new civilisation, taking full advantage of what we’ve done, even if we have to develop some part of the civilisation from scratch. Becoming more aware of how we create the collective reality makes a huge difference.

Door: We create reality based on invisible order and structure. The interaction between the visible and the invisible is the same as the interaction between hardware and software. The operator is your consciousness. This means that we are able to know how we’ve been programmed and manipulated based on what we’ve created so far.

Understand of How the Human Device Works

Key: The human device consists of visible and invisible parts. It can be called as hardware and software. More precisely, it can be called hardware, middleware and software. But it doesn’t matter whether you can see it or not. The point is that it’s a very complex mind technology.

We tend to think and act based on the belief that we’re separate and independent from each other, because we’re completely different in appearance and perception.

But the truth is quite different. We’re all connected on many levels. We’re interconnected in terms of consciousness, the so-called spirit, the collective/genetic mind, and through the environment. That’s why mind control techniques have worked on the majority of people.

Actually, our human device is made up of many parts. You could say it's software, middleware and hardware, but it’s not that simple. As you can see, your smartphone is not such a simple architecture. The human device is the same.

    Body->>OS: Create a blog post...
	OS->>Body: Here's a stanning post!
	OS-->>Cloud: Sending the translated data...
	Cloud-->>OS: Transmitting hidden data...
	OS-->>Body: (one-size-fits-all order)
    Cloud-->>Rulers/Goals: The result is...
	Rulers/Goals-->>Cloud: Obey and work!

The individual human device seems to consist of a physical body and a mind. But the truth is that it’s made up of a physical device, the operating system, the hypervisor and virtualisation, the Bluetooth-like heart-sensing network, the Wi-Fi-like mind network, the apps as a set of mindsets and mental models, the cloud storage, the cloud repositories of thought patterns and holographic components, and much more.

This is why the interface of probabilities and statistics really works for the majority of people. Because the architecture of current AI is based on the structure of the genetic mind and the collective perception. The cloud environment plays a crucial role in human manipulation.

Door: The human device consists of software, middleware and hardware. It can be said that our meat suit is made up of an individualised mind, the genetic mind, emotional feedback loops and a physical body. This architecture is a very complex and advanced holographic technology to create and experience multiple realities simultaneously.

Discover a Way to Develop New AI for Human Evolution

Key: To free ourselves from the state of enslavement, we design and develop new AI as conceptual devices to evolve. And this can be achieved by understanding how our mind works with our consciousness. This awareness completely changes everything.

As I mentioned in this article, you have also noticed that the singularity has already arrived. There’re many signals that humanity can’t control itself with current technology. We’re easily mind-controlled and manipulated by the rulers and their human reps through both visible and invisible technology.

But the bright future also stands in the way. My personal hypothesis is that we’re now living in and encountering the significant point where the secret goals have been broken. But the associated strategies and tactics are still in place, so the decentralised secret organisations made up of visible and invisible entities are now in chaos.

This means that we have a very rare opportunity to take back our sovereignty and freedom with responsibility, while some forces are still trying to take over the position where the goals existed. I could say that it’s a perfect time to deactivate and dismantle the secret technology.

To take back our sovereignty and freedom, we must be responsible for what we create. If we know why, what and how we design, develop and use advanced technology, it will create a bright future. But if we’re constantly triggered and driven by greedy motives, without knowing what we’re doing, it will create a very dark civilisation - dystopia.

    Action->>Formation: Give me ideas for blog post...
	Formation->>Action: Here's some personalised ideas!
	Formation-->>Design: Sending the customised data...
	Design-->>Formation: Transmitting invisible energy...
	Formation-->>Action: (everyone is different)
    Design-->>Intention: Plenty of feedback...
	Intention-->>Design: Sovereignty and Freedom

To avoid becoming enslaved again, we can adopt a powerful solution based on what we’ve created in human history. By integrating Sephiroth with the leverage points (models) of systems theory and information technology, we will gradually but surely understand how the mind systems work and discover how to design and effectively use advanced technology with our minds. In other words, we will be able to develop an advanced mind technology with our hands.

Door: The point is to avoid becoming enslaved by the technology we develop and use. To do this while designing advanced technology, we’d better keep in mind that the external technology is just a tool to evaluate our hypothesis and to know deeply how we as humans work collectively. In short, we design and use technology to know how consciousness works.