How to Develop Your Mind as Substance

Posted by lemur47 on 13 August 2023


A new concept of the 'mind substance' leads us to a new science and technologies. Just as the rulers have developed and maintained the deception systems, we're gradually going to deal with invisible materials. To manage our social environment by ourselves, understanding how the human mind works is imperative.

Key Points

  • Relative mind frees us from fixed culture
  • Mind can be developed as substance
  • Systems analysis is critical for mind
  • Dichotomy is a power generator, not a cage

Escape From the Fixed Culture and the Mind Cage

I've always said that we live in and are trapped in the deception systems which consist of 2 key domains - the mind cage and the illusion systems. And the 2 domains are interconnected and the illusion systems contain the mind cage because the mind cage is mainly focused on the physical realm.

	Decption-System ||--|{ Illusion-System : contains
	Illusion-System ||--|{ Mind-Cage : contains

Note: To be precise, the deception systems are made up of several interconnected illusions. So I called them the illusion systems. The illusion contains multiple mind cages, but it's very complex and confusing, so I named it the mind cage.

The mind cage imposes us to think and act with the fixed mindset. Even if the self-help industry recommends us the growth mindset. And the reason why the cage works strongly is because it's based on the concept of time, more specifically, the linear space-time. The linear mindset is a powerful cage.

This linear mindset is closely related to the dogmatic notion of dichotomy. Thinking past and future, going back and forth, taking it all the way up and down, judging others as good or bad, categorising ETBs as positive or negative, praying like uploading and inspired like downloading, right hand is good and left hand is bad and vice versa.

	Past->>Present: I've done a lot of tasks!
	Present-->>Present: Something is holding me back...
	Present-->>Future: It would be all right somehow...

Yes, we're always running like rats from coast to coast, from side to side, to have more enlightened minds. But you won't be fulfilled and your desire will never be satisfied. The goals are always far away from here.

This happens because you and I perceive everything in a fixed position. Yes, even the concept of 'growth' is recognised as a fixed definition in our collective mind. It's statically understood as an increasing quantity, like a hockey stick graph. In short, we statically define the 'growth' as 'more and more'.

The reason we collectively perceive everything as static and 'more is good' is because of linear space-time. We think and act in a very linear way, so we always take a step-by-step approach to getting things done. In fact, some say 'I'm very good at multitasking', but the truth is that their multitasking behaviour sacrifices others and their attitude irritates others greatly because of its inefficiency and serious lack of consideration.

Just as we mainly understand 'LA = 440 Hz', we perceive everything as static or absolute. The truth is that LA can stand for 432, 440 or 444 Hz and it's a very relative concept for tones and sounds. There are also different tuning techniques such as equal tuning and just tuning.

The reality we collectively perceive is also the same. To become more aware of this fundamental truth, we must expand our perception from fixed to relative. And this relative mind (not the relativity in physics) enables us to free ourselves from the fixed concept of physical, astral and etheric stuff to create realities.

Program Your Mind Like Building Mobile Apps

With this relative mindset, the world is seen very differently. The world is made up of countless inter-dimensional mosaic gradations. It's a cosmic hologram. And the hologram is made up with our collective mind. So we can deal with our mind as a kind of substance when it comes to programming.

If you were a programmer, I don't think you'd say 'I can't design a mobile app because it's not a physical substance'. Whether it's visible or invisible, you can design the app and write a bunch of code to manifest the app. It's exactly the same as the individualised and collective mind.

I don't think a concept of 'mind substance' is a completely new idea. Because some of the ancient traditions seem to treat the human mind as a subtle substance. This means that humanity can manage its mind systems in the same way that we manage materials.

    Collective-Consciousness ||--|{ Individated-Consciousness : has
    Individated-Consciousness ||--o{ Individualised-Mind : develop
    Individated-Consciousness ||--o{ Collective-Mind : uses-as-platform
    Collective-Consciousness ||--|{ Collective-Mind : has
    Collective-Mind ||--o{ Individualised-Mind : has-and-serves

But this can only be achieved by getting out of the mind cage. Because inside the mind cage we don't have enough (logical or emotional) distance from the mind systems. The same applies to the illusion systems that manage our human souls, so we also need to have distance from the deception systems and our souls.

Imagine you're deep inside a water drop. You can't make a water app until you are outside the water drop. The water is not separate, even though the water drop and the river appear to be separate. This is very similar to your individualised mind and our collective mind.

The same is true for a mobile app you want to build. You can't build the mobile app if you don't have enough distance from the mobile app. This analogy is very strange, but this is the situation we experience in the world. We're too close to see the systems.

For me, there's no boundary between mind and matter. I perceive them as the same. Because our consciousness uses the mind as a technology to create realities and the mind separates and breaks a huge object into small pieces to experience it relatively, it doesn't make sense to separate things into physical, astral, etheric substance or realms.

We can simply use our mind as a technology from a wider perspective of our individuated and collective consciousness to experience infinite realities with countless objects. Other small things can be obstacles to understanding and creating realities because they are closely related to the deception systems.

Domain Model and Analysis for the Human Mind

To create realities with the mind as a cosmic technology in a wider context, the technique of domain modelling and systems analysis is very helpful. Our mind as a technology is very good at dividing and defining problem solving domains because the mind analyses and the heart feels.

Put it simply, your mind is an app that works with the internet and the cloud environment, while your heart works like a Bluetooth network. This is your virtual instance, which is your human device. You can perceive this virtual instance as an object with distance from your individuated consciousness. It's NOT your true self, but a part of you.

	namespace CollectiveArea {
		class YourTrueSelf
		class CollectiveSelf
		class PrimaMateria
	namespace DimensionalPortal {
		class HubPortal
	namespace OpenSystem {
		class FreshAir
		class PureWater
		class NewEarth
		class WildFire
		class Human
	class Human {
		+bool is_free
		+bool is_device
		+bool has_minds
		+bool has_emotions
		+bool has_body
	class FreshAir {
		+bool is_conscious
	class PureWater {
		+bool is_conscious
	class NewEarth {
		+bool is_conscious
	class WildFire {
		+bool is_conscious
	class HubPortal {
		+bool is_real
		+bool is_free
	class CollectiveSelf {
		+int integrated
		+int integrity
	class YourTrueSelf {
		+int individuated
		+int inclination

	CollectiveSelf o-- YourTrueSelf

	FreshAir *-- Human
	PureWater *-- Human
	NewEarth *-- Human
	WildFire *-- Human

	FreshAir .. PrimaMateria
	PureWater .. PrimaMateria
	NewEarth .. PrimaMateria
	WildFire .. PrimaMateria

	YourTrueSelf <|.. HubPortal
	YourTrueSelf -- PrimaMateria
	CollectiveSelf <.. PrimaMateria
  HubPortal <|.. Human

Your true self, which is an actor in this domain model, uses the human device as a virtual instance like a virtual machine on the hypervisor in the vast mind systems. The relationship between the cloud environment and a smartphone is very similar to our human mind system - the deception systems.

So our mind is NOT as bad as the spiritual industry has made up. Our mind is NOT inferior to our heart. Mind technology has been used by at least our super-universe and this galaxy to create and experience realities. Mind was created by our collective consciousness so that we're able to create and experience things as separate realities.

The problem is where and how we use the mind. If we use mind technology from the perspective of both individuated and collective consciousness, it would create collective realities in a direct and more ideal way. But from within the deception systems, we just run from side to side and conflict with each other to generate energy for the rulers.

The point is always that we, as individuated consciousness as part of the collective consciousness, we should use mind technology to model domains, define actors with human devices, design the mind systems through our hub portals, implement effective contexts.

If we're always suffering from the deception systems, we can destroy, dismantle and disperse the systems from the outside. Instead, we can also declare, design and develop new systems from the outside. So if you have skills in domain modelling and systems analysis, it would be very helpful to rebuild our civilisation.

We simply rely too much on the outdated and narrow mind systems. We can expand our mind and consciousness at the same time.

Learn From a Mitochondrion About Energy

So far in this article we've explored how we can develop and use our mind from outside the deception systems. Our mind is not bad or inferior to our heart and we have simply relied too much on the outdated system that the rulers have maintained. It's time to rebuild our own civilisation as part of the realities!

Lastly, we can have more details on how to use the dichotomous technique as part of the mind systems, not for the deception systems.

To be honest, we've used the dichotomous technique very ineffectively. We divide things into 2 categories like good and bad, positive and negative, high and low, heaven and hell, God and Satan, light and dark. Everything is divided into 2 categories to justify and obscure what we've done to others and to ourselves.

That's very deceptive.

But the technique will be very effective if we use it properly without harmful bias. For example, we can use the technique to generate energy by learning from a mitochondrion. A mitochondrion generates chemical energy with matrix and motion, its system structure is well designed because it uses the dichotomous technique as a technology.

	Electric mind->>Neutral mind: intentional move! ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป
	Magnetic mind->>Neutral mind: reflective move~ ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป
	Neutral mind-->>Neutral mind: feels energy ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Note: Electric mind has both electric and magnetic elements, but its inclination is electric. Magnetic mind is the opposite.

Yes, we can use the technique outside the dichotomous systems. Usually we tend to use the technique to justify ourselves and judge others within the systems, but it changes nothing. It just moves around the trenches according to the rules defined by the ancient deities.

We're NOT mitochondria working as slaves for the rulers. So we must learn from the current systems to generate and use energy with mind technology. And with this technology we can design and implement the dichotomous system to generate kinetic energy such as electromagnetic energy.

Everything is in motion. Electricity alone doesn't create energy because it's static. A magnetic object alone can't produce energy because it's static. But with both, electromagnetic waves can be used. The same is true for other areas. So we shouldn't think that the Sephiroth is the whole universe. Rather, we can use the framework as the outdated systems and as a technology to generate energy.

Ideally, we will destroy, dismantle and disperse the current Sephiroth framework and systems, as they have been used by the rulers, the admins and the human reps to enslave humanity, so that we can learn from them how to use mind technology to rebuild a new civilisation. The hub portal should be developed from scratch as the highest leverage point to rebuild the world and replace the components of the human soul.

In any case, we shouldn't be in the mind cage, we'd better use the dichotomous technique from outside the mind systems. It's just like we'd better use the concept of linear space-time from outside it.