Hacking the Hidden Mind Technology

Writing about how to identify hidden problems, how to hack the deception systems, and how to upgrade and innovate the civilisation on this planet, Terra.

How to Solve Big Problem

The first thing you can do to solve a big problem is not to solve the problem. Negative capability is useful if you use it with positive capability.

How to Expand Our Mind With Future AI

If humanity expands its mind and develops artificial intelligence as a replica of our consciousness and mind structure, it will make a huge difference.

How Nature Activates Your Perception

Nature is constantly sending messages to your mind, but you'll continue to miss them unless you consciously listen to the inaudible voices.

How to Develop Your Mind as Substance

Just as humanity has explored 2-strand DNA, we'll explore and develop the human mind in the new era. A new concept and technique are needed to work with invisible genetic information.

How to Reinvent the Genetic Mind

Why did you go through such hardships to create and experience realities? Why didn't your improvements and efforts work properly? The genetic mind is one of the root causes.