How the Number 3 Relates to Illusion and Deception

Posted by lemur47 on 23 July 2023


The number 3 is a secret number of the current dominant civilisation. In other words, the number 3 tells you how humanity has been deceived and trapped in the deception systems as inferior entities. This article explains the secret of the human device and how the number 3 relates to it.

Key Points

  • The number 3 is used as a rule in this world
  • Human device is operated with the number
  • Ascension is not the solution because of layers
  • Your true self directory links all components

The Number 3 Is the Key

Throughout human history, the number 3 has been considered a 'magic number', often associated with mystical and religious significance. Many cultures and civilisations have recognised this number as sacred and have given it a special meaning. You may know that this number is also used in some relics, ancient traditions, magical rituals and alchemical ingredients. In the tradition of the Emperor in Japan, the 3 sacred weapons are known as the emblem of the world ruler.

In the Bible, the number 3 represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the spiritual industry it's translated as body, mind and soul. Or it refers to the higher self, the middle self and the lower self. In alchemy it means sulphur, mercury and salt.

In information technology, we use this number to describe the system structure at different levels. It stands for hardware, middleware and software. It also stands for data layer, application layer and presentation layer. In the ICONIX process, especially in robustness analysis, we use 3 components - boundaries, controllers and entities. In the same way, modern programmers are very familiar with the MVC framework, which is the model-view-controller design pattern.

Why do we use the number 3 in everything?

It's generally said that we live in the 3 dimensions, so the number 3 represents harmony. And it's also interpreted as completeness, especially in religious terms, as I already described above. The number 3 can be found in nature - solid, liquid and gas. In the quantum world it is the combination of protons, neutrons and electrons. And for most of us, 3 is easy to remember.

But why do we have to divide everything into 3 categories?

This simple question plays a 'key' role in opening a portal to the new civilisation. With this question, you and I are going deeper into the design concept using the number 3, and that means we're diving into the mind systems of conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

How the Number 3 System Works

Let's take a look at how the system works. In this case, we use the ICONIX process to know how each component is connected and related to each other.

The first diagram shows you how your human device works when you hear a voice from the unseen world.

  Boundary->>Controller: I hear a voice...
  Controller-->>Controller: The voice is that of an angel!
  Controller-->>Entity: I've been chosen!

To translate it into a more human readable one, especially the spiritual industry, you can interpret it as follows.

  Body/Heart->>Mind: I hear a voice...
  Mind-->>Mind: The voice is that of an angel!
  Mind-->>Soul: I've been chosen!

Basically, this is the concept of the human device and how it works. You can see how people are manipulated from the unseen world by stimulating their ego and desire.

To clarify, the word 'entity' in this case is not your true self. In the same way, the word 'soul' is not your true self. These components are only exist and function within the deception systems. It's just an etheric storage that stores all the information that you've generated in the deception systems.

These 3 components are actually the key components for controlling and manipulating humanity. That's why the emblem of the world ruler consists of the entity, the sword and the mirror. In alchemical terms, it's sulphur, mercury and salt. That's your soul, your mind and your body.

How the Infrastructure Works With the Number 3

I suppose you would say that it's OK if you go through the process of the ascension ladder from the 3rd to the 4th or 5th dimension. For this process releases you from the 3D human device. But you may want to consider 2 things. One thing is relativity. The other is the infrastructure that surrounds the human device.

In information technology, we sometimes use the four-tier system structure. Here are the layers.

  1. Presentation layer (Boundary)
  2. Application layer (Controller)
  3. Business logic layer (Controller)
  4. Data layer (Entity)

You may notice that an extra layer is added for the control purposes. That's exactly what's used to keep us from sovereignty and freedom because the business logic layer is responsible for the business rules and the layer separates your human device from your soul.

That means that your soul, which is your replica or ghost for the deception systems, is separated from your mind and body by the extra layer. The extra layer is actually responsible for the business rules, so it plays a vital role in controlling and manipulating humanity as an inferior entity.

The business logic layer in the deception systems is called the genetic or collective mind. The business logic layer is widely known as the subconscious and unconscious mind.

Let's take a look at how the layered system works.

  Boundary->>Controller A: I hear a voice...
  loop Feedback Loops
    Controller A-->>Controller B: The voice is that of an angel!
    Controller B-->>Controller A: You've been chosen!
  Controller B-->>Entity: This is what you've been looking for!

Now you can see the hidden layer that controls and manipulates you from unseen. As a platform, it provides so much materials for you to live and act in the deception systems. These materials include thought patterns, memories, cognitions, mental models, mindsets, and emotional systems.

This also translates into the following sequence.

  Body/Heart->>Your Mind: I hear a voice...
  loop Emotional Loops
    Your Mind-->>Genetic Mind: The voice is that of an angel!
    Genetic Mind-->>Your Mind: You've been chosen!
  Genetic Mind-->>Your Soul: This is what you've been looking for!

With this diagram you finally grasp the truth. The truth is that you're NOT a soul or spirit that plays a role in leveraging the human device in the deception systems. You're NOT some kind of object entity or instance in the data layer called Heaven or the astral/etheric realm that's controlled and manipulated by the business rules.

I know that's a very shocking truth and a spectacular gestalt collapse. But please rest assured, because there's a solution for your sovereignty and freedom.

How to Dismantle This Illusion and Deception

We're consciousness hackers. So we can hack the deception systems and dismantle the mind cage and the illusion systems. To do this, let's take a look at the diagram that transcends the deception systems.

  alt Deception Systems
    Body/Heart->>Your Mind: I hear a voice...
    loop Emotional Loops
      Your Mind-->>Genetic Mind: This process is
      Genetic Mind-->>Your Mind: creating a vortex-like reality
    Your Mind->>Body/Heart: Never mind!
    Genetic Mind-->>Your Soul: You need to wake up!
  Your Soul->>Your True Self: Breakthrough
  Body/Heart->>Your True Self: Sovereignty
  Note right of Your True Self: This process can be made
by hacking efforts Your True Self->>Body/Heart: Freedom Your True Self->>Collective Self: True Integrity

This diagram includes the outside of the deception systems. You can see 'your true self' and the 'collective self' outside the systems.

A hacking point is your soul. Pushing the highest leverage point in the deception systems will lead you to a breakthrough. For it exists outside the genetic or collective mind, but still within the deception systems. This area is called the illusion systems. For the mind cage is designed for the human device and the illusion systems are prepared for your soul.

The goal is NOT to destroy your human device and your soul. It's to change the entire systems so that you can work directly with your true self and the collective self without bias.

Let's take a look at the final diagram. This is our goal.

  Human System->>Your True Self: No bias
  Your True Self->>Human System: No distortion
  Your True Self-->>Collective Self: Gain knowledge
  Collective Self-->>Your True Self: More awareness

There are no extra layers and nested virtualisations to prevent you from living and acting as your true self. This seems too simple and way too far from the advanced civilisation. But this is the basic structure to build our advanced civilisation. This structure enables you to design and build your own apps directly on top of the advanced civilisation.

No more illusion and deception to keep you from being as your true self. No more rulers to control and manipulate you. No more human representatives to enslave you. No more hidden agendas and secret information to trap you in the deception systems. This is the foundation of sovereignty and freedom.