How Nature Activates Your Perception

Posted by lemur47 on 22 August 2023


To become more aware of what Nature is telling you, you need to examine your mind system, especially your mind firewall. If your mind firewall is shutting down most of the communication ports, you’re likely to ignore or miss important things that are happening around you. This article explores how you can open your mind to expanded communication.

Key Points

  • Your mind and the genetic mind are different in cybersecurity
  • Nature has a lot of communication protocols without verbal
  • Making full use of your human device is one solution

How the Firewall Works With Your Mind

When it comes to cybersecurity, the firewall plays a critical role in protecting your environment. Cloud computing without firewalls is highly vulnerable.

When you set up a server and make it public, it’s highly recommended that you close all ports by default and then you can open essential ports to wait for a connection.

According to Cloudflare, some of the most common cyber attacks, other than DDoS, are related to UDP ports and WAF (Web Application Firewall). This means that attackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in the protocol or portal to get in.

The same applies to your mind communication. Whatever its purpose, subliminal communication aims to reach your subconscious or background system. Like apps on your mobile phone, background communication is always done under the radar, but it happens.

	alt case1
	Attackers->>Conscious: Things that make you feel so good
	Conscious-->>Subconscious: I feel great and successful...
	Attackers->>Subconscious: Tons of manipulative, misleading information
	else case2
	Attackers->>Conscious: Things that make you feel so bad
	Conscious-->>Conscious: I'm blocking and ignoring perfectly!
	Attackers->>Subconscious: Tons of manipulative, misleading information
	Subconscious-->>Subconscious: Super vulnerable in confusion

In marketing, experts are always trying to manipulate your subconscious. This is the same way that crackers attack your environment by scanning ports and sending tons of packets. Psychological manipulation is directly related to propaganda and mind control.

And CEOs and entrepreneurs learning from marketing experts are the same as script kiddies in the context of manipulation and subliminal attacks. In the case of annoying circumstances, script kiddies and self-taught success people are exactly the same.

The problem is that our subconscious and unconscious mind doesn’t have a WAF. It’s just waiting for a connection like UDP port 53, which works with domain names. By default, it accepts all incoming requests without filtering.

When we try to build a mind firewall, it only works for our conscious mind, like TCP ports, not UDPs. So when you think you’re safe with the mind firewall, you’re exposed to the subliminal attacks by receiving tons of information from ads, emails, social media, books and movies.

In this insecure way we’ve shut down most of the communication ports in our conscious mind and we think we’re safe. But the truth is that we’re becoming more vulnerable in the context of the subconscious and unconscious realms.

This situation is extremely vulnerable when it comes to control and manipulation. Because you’re always being manipulated very easily without even knowing it. Your conscious firewall blocks all ports, but the subconscious ports are all open.

But it’s not all bad things. The good things are always happening to your mind system. Because our mind system, especially the collective/genetic mind (subconscious and unconscious) is an open system in nature, Nature is always trying to communicate with you through the open system in many ways.

To notice that constructive messages and helpful notifications, you and I first need to know what types of communication Nature uses.

Types of Communication Used by Nature

As I wrote in the ‘Short Insights’ in Ethical Works, Nature communicates with you in many ways. Most of them aren’t linguistic or auric, but rather forms of motion, sound and vibes. In short, Nature has multiple communication protocols and channels.

This means that you’re subconsciously receiving countless data from Nature through interconnected or inter-dimensional pathways. It’s a natural omni-channel of communication. The most notorious mind control technique, in my opinion, seems to have used this omni-channel technology.

But in the same way, you can communicate with the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms through these interconnected communication channels, even though they are invisible entities. The technology also includes the collective mind as a platform, like giant git repositories.

The communication protocols used by Nature are as follows:

  • Vibes or atmosphere (visible and invisible)
  • Motion, behaviour and state changes
  • Sounds, voices, tones (audible and inaudible)
  • Electromagnetic stimuli

I don’t think these examples are well categorised, but I think you can imagine how Nature tries to communicate with you. It sometimes speaks through animals, using their vibes and movements. It also uses electromagnetic signals to stimulate your mind.

To be sure of what other people are really saying, you can also feel what their behaviour and vibes are saying, while listening to what they’re saying. If you sense an obvious inconsistency, it's more likely that they’re lying to you.

The most important thing is to be sure whether it's Nature telling you or others telling you. This is significant because the rulers and the relevant entities have been pretending that Nature and True Source are telling you. This is a very distorted and deceptive way of doing things, as seen in the information of religions and the spiritual industry.

A simple guide that you can use to be sure if it comes from Nature or not, the following points can be considered.

  • Is it extreme or neutral?
  • Is it miraculous or organic?
  • Is it based on hierarchy or not?
  • Is it based on your free will or not?
  • Is it extremely positive or too comfortable?
  • Is it a form of verbal communication?
  • Is it a type of channelling or downloading?
  • Is it basically to do with light and dimension?

If you feel it's extremely positive or comfortable, it’s probably not coming from Nature, because it’s more likely to be designed to make you a bliss junkie. That's not the way Nature communicates with you. The same applies to hierarchy, light and dimension. All of them are not messages coming from Nature.

The deception systems artfully use an exquisite balance between punishment and reward, and the reward includes strong positivity and bliss. It works like cocaine or amphetamine to elevate your emotions for a while. This reward is more likely to come after a long period of hardship, which is very similar to what most entrepreneurs experience in their seed stage. This tactic is the reason why many spiritual entrepreneurs have suffered hardship in the past.

In addition, the deception systems control you in a very opposite way. The systems often use the ‘go with the flow’ strategy to encourage you to give up your creativity and responsibility. The systems mainly use spiritual leaders to make people wait until the world has changed. This mind control is a way of taking away your power and sovereignty. Nature doesn’t use this kind of ‘let’s externalise responsibility’ approach.

Knowing both how Nature tells you and how Nature does NOT tell you is very important in reconfiguring your mind firewall to notice what Nature is trying to tell you.

How to Open Your Mind to Expanded Communication

The final step to be explored is to find how to reconfigure your mind firewall. To notice and receive what Nature tells you, you need to open your mind ports consciously. But this step at the same time makes your environment vulnerable, so it’s better for you to have a systematic approach.

Here’re the steps to take as a systematic approach.

  1. Understand protocols and channels
  2. Avoid dichotomous framework
  3. Use each component as part of the systems

First of all, please remember that the same channels are used by Nature and the deception systems. And the channels have been known since ancient times as the four basic elements and associated systems. The protocols and channels include electromagnetic waves, energy flows, the structure of information flows. This is the main reason why a dichotomous approach doesn’t solve any problems.

Secondly, you can stop focusing on such a dichotomous mind system. This system always forces you to receive and route information from all sources by first comparing, evaluating and judging. It’s the conscious mind firewall (and routing), but it doesn’t prevent any security risks as we've explored in this article.

Thirdly, you can activate and expand your heart-sensing network in the sense that you can notice and receive what Nature is sending. But the point is always to avoid a dichotomous framework. If you use the heart-sensing network with the mind system, as the spiritual industry tells you, it won’t make any difference.

The ‘heart is good and mind is bad‘ concept is part of the dichotomous framework. So you can purely feel things with the heart-sensing network and then you can simply connect things with the expanded mind system.

One of the key success factors is to understand how the heart and mind systems actually work. As an analogy, using your smartphone helps you understand how the systems work.

The heart-sensing network is similar to the Bluetooth network. The mind system (both conscious and genetic) is like the operating system and the Wi-Fi network. The expanded mind system is the genetic mind, and the genetic mind is very similar to the cloud computing with nested virtualisation and repositories. All components are part of the expanded (but deceptive) systems.

After many experiments with this awareness and use of technologies, you’ll find that you’re gradually noticing, receiving and understanding what Nature is saying in many ways. It sometimes sounds like it's saying what will happen in the near future, or it looks like it's saying how the world is changing. It also feels like you understand what other species are trying to say.

And most importantly, you’ll be able to know what is NOT from Nature. For example, you’ll certainly understand that angel numbers come from other entities through the genetic mind. You’ll know True Source and the species associated with your roots are sending subtle messages through the protocols and channels that Nature uses. And the consciousness and entities associated with your human device take a very subtle but different approach from True Source.

It’s really hard to examine and you might experience a lot of failure and misunderstanding, as I always do, but it makes you stronger and more robust in terms of spiritual cybersecurity.

In conclusion, noticing and receiving what Nature is saying means that you can use both the heart-sensing network and the expanded mind systems at the same time without using dichotomous frameworks. And understanding of the subconscious/unconscious vulnerabilities helps you open your mind firewall and free it from the dichotomous, manipulative and deceptive firewall configurations to receive and examine what you’re getting from multiple sources.

In short, it’s better for you to throw away what you currently have. This includes common sense, traditions, spiritual teachings, religious beliefs, cultural heritages, self-development industry knowledge, unnecessarily complex systems and technologies. They are the outdated and malicious firewall and routing that keep you from sovereignty and freedom.