Break Illusions and Dismantle Mind Cages

You and I are here together to hack the collective mind and consciousness as part of an unknown technology.

Research Proposal: Understanding How the Mind Works

Let's start with mind technology, which integrates mind and matter as one. The goal is to understand how the mind works, which means translating magic and alchemy into technology.

Multiple Operating Systems for Human Device

For the human device we use, this complex system is made up of multiple domains and operating systems. But it can't be categorised in the very simple way we've often used.

Real Magic Is Mind Technology

Magick is a part of science that most people don't know about yet. Alchemy is a part of cosmic technology that the majority of people misunderstand.

New Paradigm - Mental Model Evolution

We humans are too familiar with such a dichotomous mental model - benevolent vs. malevolent. It's finally the time to discard it and broaden the mindset.

How to Fix Dysfunction in Society

To fix the problems in our society, we first need to understand how the foundation of our society works. In this article you will grasp the basic structure of the planetary virtualisation.